Case Study

Fenton Manor – Multi Sports Facility

Project Overview

The existing lighting within the sports centre was +15
years old fluorescent, both T8 and PL in recessed modulars
and the sports high level luminaires. Additionally, within the
gyms and exercise areas, there were compact fluorescent and
LV downlights. There was no auto control in evidence
throughout the building.
The multi-use Arenas consumed the most power and hence
the most expensive to operate. Usually operated at 300 lux,
there was also a bi-annual requirement for 1,000 lux when
hosting table tennis tournaments. As such, the client had to
bring in a temporary lighting array to increase the lux levels.
The client had no expectation of the new lighting to
reach the 1,000 lux and such a requirement was removed
from scope at the outset.
However, Lynx could see the value to the client and hence
spent considerable time sourcing the correct product and
switching options. As a result, Lynx were able to provide
a solution by installing a dimmable LED high level luminaire
switched wirelessly via a wall switch, which can provide
illumination up to 1,000 lux.
In achieving the 1,000 lux, Fenton Manor is now able
to host televised events.
Finally, as the existing floodlights within the pool were belatedly
found to be inaccessible due to a condemned gantry in the
ceiling, Lynx engineered a whole new floodlight array.



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