Case Study

Gladstone Pottery Museum – Site Founded 1787

Project Overview

The existing lighting within the varying museum buildings
was largely a combination of domestic type pendant and
wall lights, plus later installed fluorescent battens within
the workshops, stores and gift shop.
Additionally, within the 4 kilns, there are a combination of
low-level brick-lights and high output floodlights around
the centre.
During consultation, the Museum Manager made clear
although the reduction of energy consumption was the
primary goal, the lighting refurbishment also provided the
opportunity to revert much of the fluorescent lighting to
be aesthetically more consistent with the history of the
working pottery.
Lynx obliged by sourcing LED products sympathetic
to the heritage and age of the museum. The solution
included a warmer colour temperature of the LED’s plus
the smallest variants of luminaire families available,
to be discreet within the fabric of the building.
In addition to sourcing new LED products, Lynx modified
existing and dis-assembled historically accurate pendants
found in storage during the main installation.
These were reassembled and converted to accept
LED bayonet lamps, allowing for fluorescent battens to
be replaced with luminaires originally removed as they
had failed decades ago



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