Case Study

GXO Sherburn – 140,000 m2

Project Overview

The existing lighting in the main racking and pallet stack warehouse was via 4 lamp fluorescent rafts with 80w T5 lamps, totalling a maximum power consumption for each of 320w.

Lynx retained the lux levels via a lesser wattage LED highbay running at 140w at full output, reducing the base
load of each luminaire by 60%.

In addition, the existing auto controls were upgraded by including integral dual sensors with wireless mesh capability, allowing a Master and Slave array across the entirety of the building with future re-programming options.

Similarly, the fluorescent battens in the 5 levels of mezzanine were upgraded from twin 45w Eco T5 lamps with polished reflector, to a 30w slim opal batten complete with the same wireless tech dual sensors.

In addition to the the improved functionality of the LED slim battens in the five mezzanines, the most obvious improvement was the vertical illuminance offered from the new LED. As the reflector of the previous T5 version prevented any significant sideways output, the new LED greatly increased the emitted light on the racking.

In total, +5,400 luminaires throughout the building were replaced with the greatest efficacy LED, complete with the latest generation of Wireless Technology.



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