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Site Facts

  • Location: Yorkshire, UK
  • Large Retail Distribution facility
  • Multiple use areas – different lighting needs
  • Lighting is currently yellow (sodium) in colour
  • Car Park, Security, Loading/Unloading Canopies External Lighting
  • 24/7 Operational Hours
  • 365 Days per year
  • Over 1,500 Members of Staff
  • 154 Luminaires
  • 221,552 kWhrs of electricity on Lighting P.A

The lighting issues on site…

    • Over 20% of the Lighting faulty
    • Nearly 90% of the Lighting units 10 years old +
    • High Failure rates – difficult relamp process
    • High Maintenance costs for Lamp/Ballast Replacement
    • Restricted Access to Lighting units due to site operations
    • Low Light Levels with Poor Uniformity
    • High Energy Usage
    • 221,552 kWhrs of electricity on Lighting P.A
    • No Lighting Control other than photocells

    The Challenge…

    • Design and install an LED lighting system for the site
    • Work around an extremely busy logistics/transport operation
    • Reduce the Lighting Energy Consumption by 50%
    • Minimize the maintenance requirements for years to come
    • Increase Light Levels with enhanced Lighting Uniformity
    • Introduce a Consistent White Led colour spectrum
    • Add controls to as many areas as is possible
    • Match or Increase current Lux Levels 

    The Result…

    • An external LED lighting system specifically designed to each area of the site
    • 154 LED luminaries have been installed
    • The project was designed, managed and delivered by LYNXled
    • Fast track project delivery taking 2 weeks
    • Lighting Energy Consumption reduced by 73.7%
    • 163,281 kWhrs saved P.A – 816,405 kWhrs over 5 years
    • All products are a minimum L80 50,000 hrs compliant
    • Enhanced Lighting Uniformity
    • Controls introduced
    • Increased Lux Levels (min 10%) 



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